The Biggest Digital Content Mistakes People Make ?‍♂️

Biggest Digital Content Mistakes People Make
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If you need a tutorial on How To Avoid Burning Your Money With Digital Content in 2019, this probably is the right source. In early 2016 (3 years before our launch on 01/07/2019) I gave up on starting ARVA Media. I had a bad mindset, not the best network and I wanted to gain more control about my product. This is why I have been evaluating the market for about 3 years. In this blog I will highlight some of the major mistakes people still make in the Digital Content Industry.

Square instead of vertical

First of all, let’s cover this for a second! You’ve probably experienced this before. You were watching stories of your friends and suddenly a brand / company story advertisement popped up. A lot of companies create square content for Social Media, little do they know that vertical content will actually increase interactions. Vertical stories fill the screen and vertical posts make sure that people have to scroll a bit longer than with square content (ahaa!) quite logical right?

  1. Feed: Choose for a VERTICAL Mobile format
  2. Story: Choose for a VERTICAL Mobile format

Not only will the “Forward” actions decrease, you will also get more actions out of a story filling up the entire screen. This will improve the customer satisfaction. Imagine visiting a movie theater with a square projected on a rectangular screen, wouldn’t make you satisfied either, right?

Bad Call to action

Imagine you’re all set up after reading this blog and you decide to run your own company ad. Would suck if I wouldn’t have warned you for the topic called Bad call to action. Every ad has a Call to action (CTA) linked to it. (E.G: Read More, Swipe Up, Order Now, Book Now, More Info, Visit Webite..) All these options exist and they are very powerful, when used correctly of course. Redirecting to: pages that seem to be Offline, homepages without any Funnels or Upsells or simply social media.. won’t bring you and your customer anywhere.

Always come up with a dedicated source in order to catch the attention of your (potential) customer.

You could lead a customer to a page with a video, where they discover all the value you offer -> You explain 30% of your secrets for free (eBook, Free Webinar, Coaching Call) -> You sell 70% of the secrets that are left (Paid Courses, Webinars..) -> You link your product or service to the courses.

So keep in mind to always come up with this.

Text over Story Ads

Some companies really get their craft when using Digital Content, they actually use the right vertical size for Social Media Stories but in this case.. something else is bothering the customer. Never forget people might be in a hurry, might be lazy or might be confused about the story. This could lead to losing a customer, one who might’ve been interested.

I’m talking about those stories entirely filled up with the text added to the ad. Try to keep the text as short as possible, if you really need the text of course (otherwise leave it) Instead of filling a story with text, the best thing to do is finding out how to explain your products or services within a short amount of time.

Wrong content length

Let’s continue where we left off: a short amount of time. This is where so many beautiful products get lost. Story ads have restrictions in the length of them.

  1. Facebook: max. 20 seconds
  2. Instagram: max. 15 seconds

Whenever you provide content exceeding the restrictions, you’ll end with multiple stories. When spreading ads exceeding the restrictions, you’ll just have ads getting cut in the middle of the dialogue, even before the main message or graphics got spread. This is definitely NOT what you’re aiming for. You want people to understand your ads.

Always try to cut as much dialogue as possible. The best story ads actually explain the key elements of a company (identity / giveaway / discount..) within the time restrictions. These ads have a lot of power because they round up the essence very quick, leading potential customers to a web page including some more detail about the company (identity / giveaway / discount..)

Ad not bound to the specific product

We often see ads like these appear in the Mobile Gaming industry, mainly the Story Ads with 3D repeating abtract animations. Or the 3D braingasm animations, that should trigger something in your brain but actually only tend to trigger your frustrations. Long story short.. always keep your ads related to your product. Although you might increase the views and traffic, people will always see you’re not promoting what the story is saying, leading to leaving the App Store.


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