5 Simple Steps To Optimize Your Social Media Posts ?

5 Steps To Optimize Your Social Media Posts
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Optimizing social media posts is a big struggle for a lot of people. You’ve probably already experienced the moment where you felt more excitement about a product launch than your potential customers did. Or maybe you wanted to beat your competitor but couldn’t compete.

The following 5 steps are best practices you can use to effectively optimize your social media posts & marketing without having to spend money on ads. (which is by the way a good investment)

5 Simple Steps To Optimize Your Social Media Posts


1 – Shareability


Starting off with Shareability, this is the thing that most people forget about. When someone shares your post, it will be seen by the following of that exact person. This is why you always have to include Call To Action (CTA) in your posts. No matter if you are advertising or just posting on your personal profile, spreading the rumor will accelarate your visibility, traffic and leads.

Let’s come up with a quick  example:

  • Fundraising: In order to clean the Ocean, you are running a Non Profit Organization (NPO) You created a post including a picture of plastics within the Ocean. Make sure to add a Call To Action on top of that image. Free tools like GimpPhoto Pos Pro might help you adding them. A possible CTA could be: Stop Plastic Pollution, Share if you agree. This won’t have a direct impact on the situation but it can bring new visitors to the Fundraising page, where funds are collected to stop Plastic Pollution. The power of using this is the fact that people might start a conversation about Plastic Pollution which will cause post activities that make the post appear in higher rankings.

No matter your business model, try to use this within your next post. Evaluate how your posts perform by comparing the reach on different ones. Always try Reversed Engineering so you can find out the make & break, here you will get a lot of valuable input for the other posts you will publish.

2 – Purpose


Personally I see purpose as a measurement of quality. Think twice before you post certain things in the name of your business. I’ve came across multiple business owners posting things like: “Hurray, our new chairs got delivered!, Bad weather but we keep on going today” Make posts meaningful for your (potential) customers. (Of course you could place stories like these but never forget the true meaning and potential reach of your posts.

At the end, people care about the solutions you offer. They take you serious and really want to read more them. They could be in need of your solutions while they read things like described above.

Although consistency is very important, you still have to offer valuable content.

You might remember the post Mark Zuckerberg released regarding focussing on meaningful interactions:

“…we’re making a major change to how we build Facebook. I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to help you have more meaningful social interactions.”

3 – Giveaways


This is probably one of best things you could do without having to spend money for ads (which is by the way a good investment to make) Come up with a giveaway based on your brand, I’m giving you some quick examples again:


  • Win a FREE Dinner for 3 people at our restaurant! -> All you have to do is like this picture, follow our page and tag 3 friends you would take out for a dinner.
  • Giving away 2 FREE Movie Tickets! -> Share this post on your timeline, follow our page and tag 4 of your friends who have to see this amazing giveaway.
  • Your FREE healthy lifestyle might not be far away right NOW! -> Giving away a threadmill + Sport Gear to the first participant who comments A W E S O M E (in 7 unique comments, posted per letter) without getting interrupted.

Giveaways are actually pretty simple to run, you are spreading rumours about your brand and pick the happy winner(s) In order to run a good giveaway, mind using the following:

  • Structure : People are often in a hurry. List every single action as a step and visualize the amount of steps. “Win a FREE X by executing X simple steps!”
  • Time Limit : Put a deadline in the post. Never put the deadline too early, the time inbetween now and your deadline is where the magic happens.
  • Interaction : Interacting with the post will again, rank it up. Ask participants to: Like the page, share the post and tag X friends! These things increase the performance.
  • Image / Video : Although your description might be like described above, the featured content put below the description is very crucial. (Read more about content at point 5)
4 – Scheduling


Although you might really feel like sharing your post now, your audience might not be. Always take care of the timezone & schedule of your customers.


Take care of graphs like the one above for example, where 3 P.M. seems to be Peak Time

Of course these values are relative, always analyse your own audience before taking these graphs for granted. As mentioned before, the timezone and schedule of your customer are playing a key role in deciding when to launch your new post. Both Instagram & Facebook Business offer the possibility to receive audience insights. We will share our Instagram insights with you in order to let you know what we could do based on this information.


 insights arva mediaOverview of the ARVA Media Instagram Insights

Our interaction shows us that on Sunday we had a huge spike in audience activity. We had 68 unique actions, which is about 53 more than our average of 15 actions per day. On that exact Sunday we officially posted our launch date. This declares the audience excitement that took place on that day.


Although we had the spike in actions, our profile visits decreased with 434 within 6 days. This is because we weren’t too active posting stories during that time. So there was no reason anyone would visit the profile until we announced the big news.



People won’t visit a website anymore when no actions, discounts, offers or updates are announced. This is why only 5 people took the chance to visit our website. Which is also a decreased value because we recently launched the page, the launch was a change for people so they visited the website.

Also our reach and impressions decreased, want to know why?

This was all a setup. We left Instagram for a few days to show you the impact of not being active.

Summary: Stay active, consistent and schedule your posts and updates. This will create consistent growth in the graphs. They will be explainable like the graph above. Always read the graphs and take the right actions.


5 – Digital Content


Ahh.. last but not least we have Digital Content. Would be strange if a Digital Media Agency editing content for people, wouldn’t suggest the use and power of it. Digital Content is the massive online power of today. Where websites and other growth factors can be stimulated with automatic tools, content will lose character and power. Although Digital Content is the perfect way to grow in leads, revenue and satisfied customers.. you still have to take care of some input we’re about to give you below.

For content to be great, you have to take care of these 3 keywords:

  • Relevant : Make sure to create the content around relevant topics
  • Shareable: Add a purpose of sharing -> Why would your customer share this video
  • Relatable: Make your viewer relate to the subject: might feel the same frustrations, want to be where you are..

This is something automatic content creation tools can’t see & feel. Content needs emotion and character in order to stand out.


Another big suggestion is to upload the final content on Facebook. Not on Vimeo, not on YouTube. When you do this, Facebook will automatically make your content appear faster. You also lose the chance of people clicking the YouTube – or Vimeo logo in order to leave the value you had for them. You don’t want them to miss the deal right?

We hope the post above managed to give you some valuable information. If you ever feel like you need Professional Digital Content and/or advice, we are a step away. We offer Online Consultancy calls, based on your specific ongoing issue. Where we at first take our time to analyze it, before we charge for the Consultancy. At the moment (11/06/2019) we only deliver recording services in Belgium and Spain. You can always submit your content and project idea via the Get Started page on our website. We will then create a quotation based on your specific idea and help you in no-time.




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