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YouTube has been one of the most popular Online platforms for over several years. Moreover, this is the largest search engine after Google.

Put your business in the spotlight by creating a YouTube channel for your business today. Make sure to highlight the company’s marketing objectives and video strategy.

We can of course help you at all times with our Free Video Advice.

The image above also shows that we do not want to tell you any lies. We have several proven results that have generated multiple millions of views and are therefore known throughout the world as viral video content on YouTube.

Ensure engagement after uploading

After uploading your video to YouTube you have 24 hours to ensure that this video is viewed and shared. That is why it is important to distribute your content across multiple social media platforms.

There are multiple helpful social media management tools available online like Hootsuite, Buffer, Loomly and many more! Many users often think that afterwards you can score even higher by making adjustments to the video, but this is not the case.

Although we did something exceptional changes with the video above which made it go from 500.000 organic views to over 10 million. We decided to add English captions (subtitles) to the video. Making the video grow even more. Mainly the first 24 hours remain the most important. So try to perform all the necessary optimizations for uploading so that it can be received well within 24 hours.

Some good tips in order to increase the engagement:

  • Send a push notification via your website or external tools
  • Actively send new content to your email marketing contact list
  • A broadcast via Manychat making sure your subscribers watch it
  • Distributing the content on different social media platforms (Make sure to pick different times for this)

Only produce the content that people love

It often doesn’t make any sense to raise certain topics because they don’t work on YouTube. So try to do strategic research on the content that works or rather content that made it to YouTube trending. As soon as you continue to post consistent content that people are not a fan of, your channel score will drop enormously due to bad retention rates of your audience.

YouTube will also lower the recommendations of your content.

Upload an SRT file as subtitle

You have probably noticed that YouTube has automatic translations. Despite the convenience, the translation is often completely wrong. By adding an SRT file with the upload you will tell YouTube what your video is about. By manually uploading an SRT you will notice that YouTube will recognize your content and that you will rank higher.

It explains itself, if it works in our native language then also in other languages. We know that this might take a margin of time, but it will ensure that your content is also understood in other languages ​​and that YouTube will also understand the content in another language.

Find Relevant Keywords

To make a video rank higher, it’s important that you are ranked according to corresponding keywords. For stuff like that, this tool is extremely useful.

Simply enter the desired keyword and immediately check what the relevance is and which related keywords appear. You can also easily check how your website scores with the same tool. I recommend that you double check everything.

We recommend that you check the related keywords and place them in your video title and description. Provide a fairly long description, the longer your video description is, the greater the chance that you will be ranked with more keywords.

It will also make visible which content will work and which will not. It is important to know that often less relevant keywords have a lot to offer. For example, we had noticed that there was no good content around “Minecraft In Real Life”, so we adjusted ourselves accordingly. So also look for the business side of YouTube to find out where there are opportunities to accelerate your growth and the achievement of your KPIs.

Often mention the exact keyword in your video (By mouth)

Naast het opvolgen van de reeds vernoemde SRT bestanden gaat Google ook ontcijferen wat er exact gezegd wordt in de video. Als jij een video maakt over je core business en dat is in dit voorbeeld SEO, vermeld dan meerdere keren het woord SEO in je video. Ook op deze manier zul je (geloof het of niet) alweer hoger ranken met je video.

Pas bovenstaande tips toe op nieuwe YouTube uploads en je zult het effect meer en meer opmerken. YouTube is ook minder competitief dan Google Search en dat zorgt ervoor dat je dan ook vaker gezien kunt gaan worden voor bepaalde onderwerpen. Denk dus zeker strategisch na voor het maken van je volgende uploads.


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